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The latest and final painting in the Oriens Series.

Higher Silence is the final painting in the Oriens series. You can see the full collection in the Oriens virtual 3D exhibition (HERE) The new series of work I’ve have just started working on will be entitled Angels and Saints and will consist of both digital and physical paintings with

Oriens, A Virtual Exhibition

You are invited to take a look around the virtual exhibition, Oriens. This exciting platform is ideal in these crazy times we’re all living in. I hope you enjoy. All feedback would be most appreciated. ENTER THE EXHIBITION

A recent painting I finished before the lockdown.

Work I had just completed before the lockdown. I have one more completed piece from the Oriens series to share with you then this series will be halted for a while, until I can get back to the studio. I’ve been keeping busy with some smaller paintings whilst in isolation.

New painting I finished this week.

This painting I finished this week looks at the way light and shadows are gradually dispersed across the urban environment as the sun rises from the east.

New painting.

My latest painting entitled The Last Time. Looking at the last time we see the sun rise. We are often reminded that everything on earth is temporary. Including our own mortality.

Morning light

More photographs I’ve recently taken as the basis for my latest collection of paintings, that look at how light is reflected across the urban environment.

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