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Streets Ahead 2020

Bristol has long been at the vibrant centre of the global street art scene but over the last decade the practice of graffiti art has evolved, encompassing new forms, media and concerns.  Focusing on artists who are pushing the boundaries of street, graffiti and urban art, the exhibition will span

Artist of the Week

I will be the artist of the week over on ArtLimes this week. Go check it out here. https://artlimes.com/shop/richard-shipley

A recent commission I’ve been working on.

A recent commission I completed for Luminaire Arts, London. Anyone looking to commission a painting please get in touch.

Low morning sun.

This week I’ve been out capturing the morning sun. I love the long shadows and how the light reflects on the wet surfaces. I will be incorporating this in to my paintings this week.

Morning light

More photographs I’ve recently taken as the basis for my latest collection of paintings, that look at how light is reflected across the urban environment.

Inspiration for my latest collection of paintings

Photographs I use as inspiration for my new collection of paintings in 2020

Inspiration for my latest series of work

A collection of photographs taken at dawn, looking at the way the light bounces around the urban environment. These photos form the inspiration for the monochromatic series. richardshipley.art/monochromatic

Daily composition 3008

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