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Red Square One

First in a small series of abstract compositions with red square. This series will be available through art consultants based in Singapore. Artlings https://theartling.com/en/artists/richard-shipley/

New paintings from the Angels and Saints series.

Angelus Custos, Acrylic and Spray Paint on Paints. 70cm x 50cm, 2020 The second painting in the Angels and Saints series. This painting is based on our guardian angels we have with us everyday. I know mine has saved me from a few scrapes over the years. The work in

New painting.

This is the latest painting in the Angels and Saints series. Based on the life of St. Luke, who s the patron saint of artists. It is thought that Luke was the first to paint religious idols. Small paintings on wooden panels. This painting is untitled at the moment. I’m

The latest hand painted Spraycan

A small collection of hand painted spraycans I’ve been working on will be available through Singulart.com

Currently on the easel

I’m current working on a new series that will be entitled Saints and Angels. This is the first physical painting in the series (previous pieces are digital paintings) and looks at the life of St. Luke. I hope to finish this by the coming weekend so will upload a the

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Suprematist digital paintings

A small selection of digital paintings mixing the suprematist style of geometric shapes with textures influenced by my early graffiti work. These digital paintings are uploaded daily to my Instagram page. Anyone interested in prints please get in touch via the email.

Recent digital paintings

A selection of digital paintings I have created this week.

20% Discount on everything in the web shop

20% off all original paintings in the web shop. Prices start at only £25 Please use the code 2020 at checkout

First of the hand painted spray cans finished.

This week I finished painting the first of the painted spray cans. It’s been a while since I painted one of these. I came across the book 400ml by Gautier Jourdain. A book of hand painted spray cans from around the world. I was lucky enough to be featured in

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