Streets Ahead 2020

Streets Ahead 2020
Royal West of England Academy, Bristol.
6th June – 23rd August 2020.

Bristol has long been at the vibrant centre of the global street art scene but over the last decade the practice of graffiti art has evolved, encompassing new forms, media and concerns. 

Focusing on artists who are pushing the boundaries of street, graffiti and urban art, the exhibition will span installation, interactive art, sculpture, sound art, collage, light-based works and performance as well as fresh perspectives in mural painting.

Streets Ahead takes visitors on an unexpected journey from the street to the studio, and via many a detour, as wall paintings merge into canvases, shipping containers become stages, objects are found and lost, musical instruments are made from inflatables and lettering jumps from the walls invading three-dimensional space. Specially commissioned new collaborative works are being realised, reaching into the realms of tattooing, spoken word, film-making and activism.

The artists exhibited in Streets Ahead are not only dreaming up dynamic new aesthetics but are using their work to tackle universal crises; confronting urgent political, environmental and mental health issues. Street Art’s uniquely compelling nature can be instrumental in building bridges between faith communities, celebrating diversity and making bold social statements.

This exhibition will be a major reassessment of street art recognising the impact made beyond the city walls. It celebrates the vision, ambition and diversity of the art form that has grown out of Bristol’s inimitable scene.

Streets Ahead is curated by Felix Braun and Luke Palmer who originated Crimes of Passion, an exhibition that took place at the RWA 10 years ago. Since then the pair have remained embedded in the street art scene.

Artists include: 3Dom, Alex Lucas (Lucas Antics), Andy Council, Aspire, Bex Glover, Cheba, Duncan McKellar, Epok, Filthy Luker, Mohammed Ali, HazardOne, Richard Shipley, Sepr, Shab, Soker, Sophie Rae, Ziml, Zoe Billboard Gibbons and Zoe Power.

RWA Streets Ahead. Bristol Street Art 2020

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