Instantly arresting, with jarring and stormy compositions, Richard Shipley’s provocative compositions leaves no one indifferent. A lattice of intersecting angles, shapes and oblique forms confront the eye. His textured layers of brush work, strident pen strokes and spray paint evoke a gritty urban reality familiar to most of us. As in any urban environment, movement is perpetual. Lines scurry across a stark horizon. Brutal, pointed edges invade shared spaces and threaten to rupture our ordered world. Yet in other pieces Richard takes us to more intimate settings, where a pale haze invites us to explore the tense and unsettled inner spaces within ourselves. In his ‘Red’ series we are enveloped in a deep, crimson maelstrom of emotion. Immersed in shifting currents of red and black contours, the threat to our frail sense of security is acute. Richard’s work is beautiful, rhythmic and discordant. But under each layer of reality I also find truth.

Roberto Palma Forjan